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My Sacred Beads

Founded in 2016, Sacred Beads is the brainchild of Serena Chang, a Feng Shui Whisperer, Kundalini Yogi and energy healing expert attuned in Reiki, Yuen Method and Sat Nam Rasayan. She has healed many friends and family, most notably her own father who suffered from a life-long phobia of heights. Serena felt called by the Universe to find a new way to help other people enjoy the kinds of positive, protective, healing energy channeled by these sacred traditions. In order to protect herself from all the aggressive, negative forces in today’s world, Serena wears several natural stone bracelets on each wrist; after she’d been approached by several strangers who wanted to know where they could get similar bracelets for themselves, she found herself with a schedule full of custom orders and a clear path toward her ideal of a healthier, happier, and more spiritually balanced world.

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