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Product Description

Every Sacred Malas order begins with a set of specific intentions. Some are specifically directed toward certain parts of the body that need healing and support, some promote particular paths of spiritual and emotional growth, but all are made to bring the wearer the greatest and highest good that the Universe has to give.

Each piece can take up to three or four weeks for me to create. I enter a deep meditative trance that allows me to channel the Universe as I bead. I chant holy mantras that invite healing forces and energies to choose which individual stones I use. I make sure that the Malas are thoroughly infused with the vibrations from nature’s sacred geometry in order for it to target the spiritual and health issues you’re most concerned with. This process assures that the beads will serve at their highest potential. At the end of each of these artisanal journeys, I produce a piece of jewelry that surprises me with its unexpected color combinations and dynamic healing effects. You will get a unique, handcrafted accessory that turns into a conduit for lasting peace, positivity, and the healing power from the divine source.


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